Maggie Thom 2017I’m very happy to introduce my guest today; award winning author Maggie Thom loves the challenge of creating a web of secrets, lies and deceit. She doesn’t want you to figure it out until the end and as someone who loves twists and turns, I can say that she always keeps me on the edge of my seat. She is the author of The Caspian Wine Suspense/Thriller/Mystery SeriesCaptured Lies and Deceitful Truths with Split Seconds about to be published – and her other individual novels Tainted Waters (2013 Suspense/Thriller Book of the Year through Turning the Pages Magazine) and Deadly Ties. Take the roller coaster ride. It’s worth it. Get your free copy of Captured Lies.

Her motto: Read to escape… Escape to read…

“Maggie Thom… proves her strength as a master of words, plots and finely chiseled characters… she weaves a brilliant cloth of the many colors of deceit.”  Dii – TomeTender

Marketing My New Novel, Split Seconds

By Maggie Thom

Marketing is one of those things that was way outside my comfort zone when I started this publishing journey 5 years ago. I think I panicked every time I had to share my book and say, please buy. Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot since then.

Split Seconds by Maggie ThomSo, the process that I currently am going through with writing, publishing and marketing Split Seconds is:

  1. Beta Team – After I had the novel to where the story was good I sent it to my Beta Team to read and for feedback.
  2. Editor – Once I got it back and made the changes I needed to, I sent it off to my amazing editor.
  3. ARC – I asked those who were on my newsletter list if any would be interested and willing to read and write a review of the ARC (advanced review copy) of Split Seconds. So I will have several reviews when Split Seconds is published on July 20th.
  4. Pre-Order – I am putting my novel, Split Seconds up a month early for pre-orders June 20th with publication date: July 20th.
  5. Bonuses – for those who purchase Split Seconds on Pre-Order they will also receive some bonuses.
  6. 30 Days, 30 Quotes – from the first day of the pre-order I will be posting images with quotes from the book on social media.
  7. Email list – For 6 weeks I will be sending information about Split Seconds to my list asking them to pre-order and to share on social media.
  8. Tweets and Posts – I am creating a page of tweets and posts that others can share about Split Seconds. Definitely for those who do the pre-order.
  9. Blog Posts and Interviews – I have contacted several Blog Owners and Authors and asked they’d be interested in hosting me – either an article or an interview and my pre-order.
  10. Tweet Blast – I am contracting a company to do a tweet blast for the series and the pre-order of Split Seconds.
  11. Best Seller – I’m asking others to help me get to best seller status, all they have to do is share on social media.
  12. Cross-promotion – I’m teaming up with a few others to cross promote each other’s books.
  13. Virtual Book Tour – I have always done one at the beginning of a launch but I am going to try it a bit later on.
  14. Advertising – I am going to do some advertising but I have not finalized exactly what. Some that I will be doing will be to get people to download Captured Lies – Book 1.


There are a lot of things to do and keep on top of but this is what I am doing to launch my new novel, Split Seconds. When marketing as Patricia teaches in her 52 Weeks of Marketing Success, you need to have a plan and you need to be using many platforms available to you to successfully market your book. I tend to use as many of the free or cheaper ways to market, as there really are a lot. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your book out there but you do need to connect with and work with other authors, bloggers, readers and really anyone willing to help. Mostly you need to ask for help but be polite, be respectful, be willing to reciprocate and know that not everyone will say yes.

Marketing means you have to do some work to get your novel out there but it is well worth the effort. If you haven’t looked into Patricia’s 52 Weeks of Marketing Success, I highly recommend it.

What do you struggle with when marketing?

Split Seconds

Twins separated as toddlers, reunited as adults and now switching places in a deadly game to take on organized crime.

Her sister is alive! Excited to discover that her twin didn’t die as a toddler, Tijan can’t wait to meet her other half but she struggles to understand why her only sibling hasn’t reached out in almost thirty years. Although the reunion is joyous, not everyone is excited to discover that there are two of them. Using it to her advantage, Tijan is determined to take down the one man, responsible for it all… her father. The secrets and lies that have kept them apart, soon unravel but with deadly consequences.

Pre-Order today! And get access to some amazing bonuses.

p.m.terrell’s Review

Just when you think Maggie Thom is at the top of her game, she writes another suspense that takes her to yet another pinnacle. In Split Seconds, identical twins separated as toddlers are reunited. Thom tells the story of their separation in chilling detail that brought tears to my eyes, forced the adrenaline to pump and caused my maternal instincts to feel their agonizing pain—and that was only the beginning. Lest you think all falls into place when they meet again years later, you’d better hang onto your seat because you’re in for more twists and turns than a world-class roller coaster. Thom kept me guessing to the very end with her skillful writing, believably flawed and engaging characters and intriguing subplots. I highly recommend this book.

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