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Does Your Website Have Visual Stimuli?

Neuromarketing is a fascinating concept that reaches beyond consumer behavior into the subconscious processing taking place within the consumer’s brain—potentially a reader’s brain while they are assessing whether to purchase your books. You may find it intriguing...

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The Power of Color

Visitors to your website will process color before they read the first word, and 93% of buyers will be influenced by the colors you’ve selected. This means that despite your best efforts to attract readers and entice them to purchase your books, the color of your...

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Bowker Releases 2016 Report

Bowker has released its latest report on Self-Publishing in the United States, encompassing 2011 through 2016. Even if you are traditionally published, the report is valuable. Though brick-and-mortar bookstores continue to be dominated by the largest New York...

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Stick Together and Avoid Being Eaten

There’s a reason most animals stick with their own species in the wild; it’s the best defense mechanism to avoid being eaten. Because one individual can’t constantly be the lookout and participate in other activities to ensure their survival—such as eating, sleeping...

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Getting Ready for the Holidays

If you haven’t begun preparing your marketing plan for the upcoming holidays, it’s time to get started. Your plan should be a multi-pronged approach, beginning with a detailed identification of your ideal target market. Don’t make the mistake of assuming “everybody”...

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10 Ways Authors Shoot Themselves in the Foot

There are countless ways in which authors harm their careers, sometimes ending them before they’ve hardly begun. Many of their actions are meant as shortcuts, attempts to propel them to success without the customary years of career building. Here are just a few:...

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On Language

Authors have debated the use of profanity or vulgarisms in their books for years, often citing so-called experts that advocate for or against its use. This past weekend, I encountered an author that claimed her books would not sell (according to her publisher) if she...

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When Your Book Has Been Pirated

A few years ago I was discussing a great book I’d read with a friend of mine, highly encouraging her to read it. It had been on the New York Times bestseller list in 1996, but let’s face it: some books are great regardless of their initial release dates....

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Creating Your Legacy

An author has a unique opportunity to create a work that can withstand the test of time. Sometimes their work is not adequately recognized during their lifetime but decades—or even centuries—later their work survives and their legacy truly begins. Consider some of...

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The Best Writing

He was born. Decades later, he died. And in between, something so profound happened in his life that it transformed him forever. That microcosm is what you need to capture in your novel. Sample ebook downloads average 20%, which means if your book is 300 pages the...

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How Are You Using Your Platform?

Thanks to the Internet and social media, it is now possible for every person to have an international platform, and whether or not you’ve realized it every tweet, every post, every picture or video in your feed helps to create a public persona of who you are as an...

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Marketing a New Release

I’m very happy to introduce my guest today; award winning author Maggie Thom loves the challenge of creating a web of secrets, lies and deceit. She doesn’t want you to figure it out until the end and as someone who loves twists and turns, I can say that she...

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Are You Remarketing Your Target Market?

Scores of authors use social media to build their platform and many more use it in an attempt to get instant sales. But when a social media presence isn’t garnering additional sales, it could be time to step back and ask yourself if you’re so busy trying to get new...

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Why Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

Did you check your mail yesterday? Stop and think about that for a moment. What was it like when you checked your email inbox? Did you delete one email after another without opening it? That’s what most people do these days; they’re slammed with emails they didn’t ask...

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Why Authors Aren’t Selling Books

The number one reason that authors don’t sell enough books is they fail to connect with their ideal audience. And the number one reason that occurs is because authors think their book is appealing to everybody. What exactly is an ideal audience? The ideal audience is...

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Book Sale Expectations Deciphered

Last week it was reported that a particular book sold less than 11,000 copies in the first week after its release and those sales were “disappointing”. The news prompted me to recall a husband-and-wife writing team whose book sold 100,000 copies the first week and...

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When Your Marketing Campaign Is Not Working

You’re doing everything you can to promote your book, including blogging, social media, public appearances, signings and even advertising but your books aren’t selling. What can you do? Here are ten tips below: Write the Best Book Possible First, make sure you have...

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Advertising 101

Most authors will market their books at one time or another through free online efforts, but have you ever wondered whether paid advertising is worth the investment? Or have you tried paid advertising with hit-or-miss results?   Determine Your Goal Before placing...

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