Working WomanI’m a novelist and when I was first advised to begin blogging, I drew a complete blank. Give me 400 blank pages and I can fill them up with characters, scenes, plots and subplots, but give me a blog and I had a challenge. I had two major issues: what to blog about and how to find my audience.

When I discovered the answer to successful author blogging, it seemed so simple that I was astonished that no one else had discovered it. The secret is to take what authors love to do best – storytelling – and envision the blog as chapters in a book. It can be anything that happens behind the scenes – from the inspiration to building characters, plots and backdrops to true stories that tie into the book to anything and everything that transpires to take the thought through a manuscript stage and to the publisher’s for production and release.

I love renting movies because I can view the Director’s cuts, which often include scenes that didn’t make it into the movie to bloopers to interesting tidbits about the scenes themselves. When I watched the Director’s interview in The Sixth Sense, I was surprised to learn that any time there was an intense emotional scene, they used the color red in one article of clothing.

Or in The Others, I was fascinated by the true stories behind the disease, Xeroderma_pigmentosum, which the two children suffered from, or the impact that religious beliefs have on people as well as the haunted house.

Just as these have “inside stories”, so does your book. Here’s a quick video I put together for you called “Blogging 101” that tells you how to use only those stories that you can tell as the centerpiece for your blogs, as well as how to use your blog as a hub for social media. I hope you enjoy it:

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