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Is Your Website Warning People Away?

In the summer of 2018, Google announced that any website without an SSL Certificate will display a warning to website visitors, telling them the site might be stealing their information and the website is not secure. I have seen this message many times and it has...

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Is Your Book Cover Doing Its Job?

Your book cover has one purpose: to get a potential buyer to pick up the book. Even if they decide not to purchase it, the cover has done its job if it made someone curious enough to look closer—to read the synopsis, flip through the pages or read reviews. So how do...

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How is Your Writing Changing the World?

Authors have a tendency to be myopic. For all the energy we place into writing imaginative prose, we generally don’t extend that imagination to our own careers. We think in terms of a three- to six-month book launch or perhaps, if we’re playing the long game, we give...

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Characters That Make a Difference

There are numerous ways to go about writing a book that makes a difference. One way is to show a set of circumstances through the eyes of the characters, and one compelling way to accomplish that is through their jobs. Below are a few ideas; I’d love to hear yours!...

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It’s a Numbers Game

Unless you are independently wealthy, there comes a time in a writer’s career when you have to work the numbers to reach your goals. Too often authors rely on a relatively small group of followers on social media or personal friends and family to buy enough quantity...

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Are Your Demographics Changing?

How long has it been since you identified your ideal target audience? Watch the video below or read this content below the video.   Your ideal reader is the person looking for precisely what you have just written. They are passionate about reading your work,...

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What are You Writing to Change the World?

The billionaire Richard Branson recently asked, “What are you doing to change the world?” It is not enough for businesses to remain in business simply to make a few individuals richer; in fact, the opposite is true. Businesses should exist because they bring something...

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Find Millions of Royalty-Free Photographs and Music

With millions of websites, blogs and social posts competing for your readers’ attention, it’s important that you stand out. Studies show that pictures and video increase the likelihood that you will be noticed, causing readers to linger longer on your website or blog...

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Are You Writing in the Right Genre?

It seems that sensational nonfiction, particularly as related to politics, receives the bulk of publicity but accordingly to Simba Information Estimates, genre fiction is selling briskly. If you are an author capable of writing in multiple genres and you’re having...

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Unexpected Amazon Fines—and How to Prevent Them

  If you are a self-published author, you may have recently received an email from amazon fining you for a shipment of books. Amazon refers to it as a “chargeback” but it amounts to a fine if your order was not fulfilled exactly as they want it to be.  ...

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Four Ideas to Engage Your Audience

The Internet has become a raging river with millions of pieces of information sailing past at breakneck speed. How can you make yourself heard above the roar, and get potential readers to engage in your social media posts and purchase your books? Here are four ideas:...

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Understanding ROBO

ROBO stands for Research Online, Buy Offline and it can be impacting your book sales. BazaarVoice has released their study of buying habits, and here are some takeaways:   According to Rutgers University, 78% of study participants say they still purchase in...

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Are Foreign Hackers Attacking Your Website?

We’ve all heard the stories of hack attacks, but we tend to think of them as perpetrated against large corporations and government agencies. When we consider our own websites, we might not have credit card information or sensitive data contained in the background, so...

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Protecting the Author Psyche

Authors are a sensitive group. They feel emotions more deeply than most; they have to, to be able to bring scenes to life, from hopelessness and anger to love and elation. They do not read words, hear or see them; they feel them. The words morph into three dimensional...

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Navigating Facebook’s Changes

There’s been quite a bit of talk surrounding Facebook’s new algorithm changes as the social media giant seeks to address criticism of its platform, most notably during the 2016 Presidential US campaign. As Facebook attempts to return to its original model—that of...

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How Thinking Like a Journalist Can Increase Book Sales

This is a peek preview of some of the tips from the 52-week Marketing Plan course on how to think like a journalist and increase your chances of getting your name in newspapers, magazines and online publications as well as radio and television.   Discard the...

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How Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Can Sell Books

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence was established in the 1930’s by Alan H. Monroe at Purdue University. It was developed as a technique for organizing speeches that persuade people to take action. However, you can use the same sequence whether you are giving a speech,...

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5 Things to Change on Your Blog Today

  Change the menu link from “Blog” to “Articles” if your blog is part of your website. This changes your website visitor’s perception from casual musings to worthwhile reading. Remove the meta data—the author’s name, date of post and tags. The author’s name is...

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