It seems that sensational nonfiction, particularly as related to politics, receives the bulk of publicity but accordingly to Simba Information Estimates, genre fiction is selling briskly. If you are an author capable of writing in multiple genres and you’re having some challenges trying to decide which book to write next, you should take a good look at what’s selling. Writing in a popular genre helps you climb the ladder of success. Here are the top five:

Multiple Generations in Book Store

  1. Romance/Erotica
  2. Crime/Mystery
  3. Religious/Inspirational
  4. Science Fiction/Fantasy
  5. Horror


The thread that runs through all five genres is escapism. Particularly when the majority of news brings down a person’s spirit, readers tend to look for books that take them out of their element or current situation, whether that finds them falling in love, solving a mystery, reading uplifting stories—or even transporting them into another universe or into the future. Even horror allows them to battle demons with the possibility of coming out alive—and victorious.


To successfully market your book, look for those threads of escapism:

Doctor Zhivago

How does the setting—place and time—differ from today? Does it take the reader to an exotic location or into the past or future?


How do the characters seize control? What is it about those characters that will cause the reader to love them—or hate them? How can they step into their shoes?


How can the plot capture their interest? Why should they care? What is so compelling about the story that a reader will not be able to put the book down?


How should the reader feel while reading? Are they inspired, energized, captivated?


How should the reader feel once they’ve finished the book? What would compel them to recommend it to friends? Will they feel empowered, satisfied or educated?


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