Authors depend on reviews and publicity, but too often we don’t know when someone has reviewed our work on a third party site or media publication, or when an online conversation exists about our books or ourselves as an author.


One way to monitor the web is to create a Google alert. It’s free and can be set up quickly. Think of it as a way to listen to conversations, because when your name or your book titles are mentioned, you’ll receive an email.


To begin, sign in with your Gmail account; or if you don’t have one, you can begin the process without one.


Then go to:


In the box that appears, type your name and your book titles, separating each with a comma. For example, here’s my pen name and a few of my titles:


p.m.terrell, Songbirds are Free, River Passage


You can then click the box marked “Create Alert” or click on the down arrow beside the option “Show options”.

Google Alerts

The options allow you to choose how often you want to receive alerts, the language, region and other options. When you’ve made your choices, click on “Create Alert”.


If you do not have a Gmail account or you haven’t yet signed in, you’ll be prompted for your email address.


It’s that simple!



Now when a new review is posted or an article is written anywhere on the web about you and/or your book titles, you’ll be notified.


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