Visitors to your website will process color before they read the first word, and 93% of buyers will be influenced by the colors you’ve selected. This means that despite your best efforts to attract readers and entice them to purchase your books, the color of your website can either make or break the deal. Book cover colors can also detract or enhance your book’s messages subliminally.


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Here’s the impact colors have on your image, your website visitors and potential readers:


Purple: communicates power, wealth and royalty. Readers looking for stories regarding the monarchy, mysteries, suspense or romance involving the wealthy and powerful, will find the color purple emphasizes your book’s content.


Blue: encourages feelings of trust, serenity and productivity. It is also the only color outside of black, white and shades of gray that can be seen by those that are colorblind. It is also equally liked by both male and female. Blue can be used by a wide range of genres to great effect; however, it does poorly with cookbooks.


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Green: encourages feelings of relaxation, nature, harmony and growth. It works well with a wide range of genres; however, if your book is intense—such as a disaster book, a tell-all or a book filled with controversy—green is a poor color choice.


Yellow: encourages feelings of joy, energy and intellect. Yellow is not used much on websites and when it is, it should be used sparingly—in pictures but not with text. If your book is about happiness or self-improvement, it’s a sure winner. This is especially popular with summer reading.


Orange: denotes urgency, enthusiasm, confidence and ambition. On your website, call-for-action buttons have greater success when they are orange. Too much orange, however, can make a website visitor uneasy because they could feel impatient without realizing why. Books that call for the reader to take action or action-adventure books do well with orange.

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Red: also denotes urgency. This is why clearance sales often use the color red. It should be used with moderation on websites and only with banners or text that you wish to stand out, such as a “Buy Now” button. Like orange, it is a good color for action-adventure or for books calling for the reader to take action. In moderation, it can also be used with horror and suspense/mysteries because it relates to the heart pumping faster.


Black: denotes power, elegance and authority. Books of fashion or with settings in elegant, wealthy environments do well with black. It is also a color of mystery, and can be used well in suspense, mysteries or horror.


White and silver: conjures perfection, classiness or cleanliness. White backgrounds provide a clean backdrop on websites, unlike other colors. Silver is more difficult to get right on websites due to limitations with viewing devices, particularly mobile devices. These are good colors to use with books of romance, clean starts, emotional cleansing and self-help.

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Blue and green are the most popular colors with both males and females.


Males and females alike dislike these colors the most: brown and orange (except when used in a call-to-action button, as explained below).


However, if your call-to-action buttons (such as Buy Now) are displayed in green, orange or red, it increases the likelihood of a sale by 13.5% on mobile devices and 9% overall. If your website includes a cart, it can increase the chances of additional items added to the cart by 6.5%. The best color for a Buy Now button is red with white text, followed by orange with white text.

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A few facts about website visitors and shoppers: 93% of shoppers have indicated that colors influence their decision to buy. 52% of visitors will not return to a website if the colors are offensive, such as a yellow, orange or red background.


Additionally, if visitors find your website is difficult to navigate or confusing to locate information, visitors are less likely to return or to purchase.


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